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Your growing business has outgrown its old website

You’re ready to build your tribe as a blogger and thought leader.

You need a professional portfolio highlighting your experience and elegance. 

My Style Shop offers clean, modern web design that targets your ideal customer and inspires them to act. Together we will make you shine!

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Cool. So how's this work?

let's start with my skills... 

I’m style-loving and tech-savvy. So I speak geek, but I don’t look or act like one. You get only the best designs that are gorgeous and functional.

...then sprinkle in some bestie...

Time and again clients say I’m super easy to work with. That friend you like to grab tea or wine with? I’m like her. I’m down-to-earth, I listen, and I manage projects in a thoughtful way that’s good for everyone. 

You’ll know what to expect, and we’ll have a blast creating something gorgeous.

...add a big dash of style...

Your business + tons of style = Your website. Let’s make it irresistible.

Elevating your business’s style and profitability underlies every design choice we make.

Don’t see your style here? No worries. I follow modern design themes like shabby chic, beachy, rustic industrial, bohemian, organic, country cottage, and more, and am game to carve out a look you’ll love.

...add some worry-free maintenance...

Would you rather focus on your business or update your website plugins?
That’s what I thought. 

Most business owners would rather worry about what matters - their customers - than than fuss over site maintenance.

This is why Squarespace is my preferred web builder. Squarespace handles all updates and backups so you don’t have to. And their clean website themes are stunning. That said, if you need to re-brand or evolve a Wordpress site, I may be able to help....just ask.

...while not draining your bank account!

My rates are affordable and I do quality work. I take great care when estimating our budget and timeline so it’s as accurate as it can be.

Please keep in mind that web magic doesn’t happen overnight. It simply takes time, and it should. I only do quality work, so if we team up, we'll take the time it takes to do it right. No rush jobs here.


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