We’ll start with a free discovery session to discuss your project needs, vision, budget, and timeline. It’s your chance to feel me out and see if we’re a good match. Phone, Skype, and FaceTime are great options if we can’t meet in person (I work virtually most of the time)! Because this part of the process is imperative to success, I do not conduct discovery meetings via email. We’ll cover a lot of ground, so any meetings in excess of two hours are billable at my hourly consulting rate.


Next you’ll receive a project proposal outlining the project scope and contract terms, along with a deposit request. We’ll connect often by phone or email to iron out details as we plan what happens next. When everything looks good, you’ll sign and date the proposal to make it official. Then you’ll receive a rough timeline outlining milestones and time-sensitive review periods requiring your input. Your deposit is nonrefundable and holds your place in my project schedule.  


As we ramp up, I may ask you to collect and send assets like image and logo files, color palettes, web host access information, design and verbiage examples, Pinterest inspiration boards, etc. It’s okay if you don’t have these things; but most likely, you’ll have ideas and materials that I’ll want to collect.


Once your project date arrives we’ll be moving at full steam. During this time, expect to hear from me regularly for input. Your say-so is essential to keeping the project running smoothly, so think of me as your closest coworker. The more collaborative our process, the better our results.*


Quality matters, so reviews are built into our process. Your brand, site, or copy will look and feel just like we’ve planned, and if it doesn’t, we will revise. All projects include two review cycles, which means that I will revise your work up to two times to meet the criteria we set in the proposal. 


Your project goes live! Whether it’s your website, brand package, or polished copy, all completed assets will be delivered to you once your final payment is received. Logos, fonts, marks, patterns, stock photos, graphics, complete copy, and website logins are all examples of assets. 

* Please know that new (not-in-scope) requests, timeline lapses due to lack of client communication, or unforeseen scheduling problems may incur additional charges or delay your project’s completion.
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