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Insight Dyno:
brand, copy, website, SEO, analytics, and business cards

Entrepreneur Nick Augustine and I teamed up to make a brand, copy, and website for his innovative auto tuning business, Insight Dyno.

To kick off our project, I interviewed Nick about his business goals and target markets. My thorough brand assessment focused on identifying key personas, objections, and psychographics.

We did away with the checkered flag cliché, instead going with imagery that was polished yet edgy to appeal to Nick's Millennial market. This meant pairing bright colors with bold grunge details to create a modern, relatable brand. 

After designing the visuals, I structured and wrote a 15-page mobile-optimized Squarespace site. Nick needed a complete brand presence, so I rounded out this effort with a brand guide, SEO, Google Analytics, custom business cards, and a lab weight sheet.

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The visual brand


Logo variations


Writing the website

Nick's business concept was a new to his market, so overcoming objections and answering the "how" and "why" questions was key to creating relevant content. 

We made a preliminary site map that ensures relevant details go in the right places, and identified optimized keywords for each page.

We then placed strategic calls to action within a scrolling Home page featuring Nick's key services and classes to immediately engage his visitors. And we let them dig deeper in his About page which outlines his unique value proposition. 

And of course, frequent invitations to Book Now funnel visitors to the sign up page. When finished, we had a well-organized site that delivers an intuitive customer journey.



Building the site

After considering several options we decided on the Squarespace platform.

Plusses included its integration with the Acuity scheduling tool and its simple third-party payment processor handling.

We thought the Hayden theme was best because of its structured, modern design.

To polish things off, we implemented on-page SEO and integrated Google Analytics.


Branded weight sheet

Nick needed a Weight Sheet for his customers to use when tuning their cars. Together we designed this simple and user-friendly sheet that's downloadable from his site and supplied as a link in his booking process. 


Boss business cards

Nick's branding culminated in a set of custom-designed #130 weight matte business cards which he uses to network his services. 


Another happy client!

Nick augustine / automotive entrepreneur


"I’m super happy with my brand and website! Becca went above and beyond to work around my schedule and learn my business. I wanted something different than the traditional auto brands - something fresh and modern - and she delivered. She did everything from writing the verbiage to setting up Google Analytics, and it’s exactly what I needed to confidently launch my business."

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