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Cohere Coworking book design project


Cohere Coworking is a vibrant community of independent professionals sharing office space--and their lives--in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. 

With freelance and remote jobs ever increasing, coworking's popularity is on the rise. Coworking thought leader and Cohere founder Angel Kwiatkowski knows this, so she wrote a book to teach others how to create successful coworking businesses. 

This is where I came in. Working alongside Graphic Designer Jenny Fischer, we led the design of a 120-page workbook from beginning to end, producing no fewer than three versions of Angel's text:

  1. Interactive PDF for sale online. Also used as a teaching tool in web-based learning groups.
  2. Kindle ebook via the Kindle Create platform.
  3. Amazon print edition via the CreateSpace platform.

Along with leading project management and client communications, my shared graphic design responsibilities included:

  • book template selection and customization
  • color scheme, typography, and layout refinements
  • thematic features including pull quotes and business spotlights
  • interactive workbook features such as web links, videos, text-entry fields, and checklists
  • supplemental graphics
  • cover design
  • table of contents, file compilation, and pagination 
  • pre-press proofing and editing
  • revisions to satisfaction

Technologies used:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Amazon CreateSpace
  • Kindle Create
  • Many gigabytes of Google Drive space
  • Lots of Gmail ;)

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spreading the coworking joy!

Angel Kwiatkowski / Coworking Owner, Author, & Thought Leader



"Becca, thank you for your unending patience and style direction on the book.  I am over the moon with the result."  Love, Angel

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